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Purpose: Draw attention to one of the most influential factors of an effective team.

Select the data

Choose Collection, Project, Iteration path and if needed – Area Path. Then select the appropriate Work Item type: PBI (if using Kanban) or Task (if using Scrum) Save the report if you want to share with someone or return another time

Image: Select data for WIP By Person


Decide which states you want to include in your WIP – normally it would NOT include live or any states before ‘committed’ i.e. only select the states that the team is actively working on the items. The example below does show all states – including ‘not assigned’ You can also toggle to see which items have not been assigned to anyone. The highlighted information panel shows the project settings for this chart

Image: All PBIs in a release (not only those ‘in progress’)


In the example below, the highlights show the states that the team considers to be active work. Clicking on the named bubble will show you a link to the item (task or PBI) in TFS

Image: The true WIP for a team