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Purpose: To clearly show to stakeholders and team how much of a release is completed, whilst also showing the relative sizes of the remaining work. This gives an illustration of how much work is still needed to refine the backlog.

Select project data

Use the select panel to choose Project, Iteration path and, if needed, the Area Path. Also select which level in the hierarchy you want to start from either ‘Feature (Epic)’ or ‘PBI’ Click ‘Load’ then hide the selection panel to see the chart

Image: Select data for Treemap


Understanding the Treemap

The initial Treemap shows the Features – sorted by state. The size (area) of each box is relative to the total size or total count of the child PBIs of that feature. You can toggle between count and size with the radio buttons at the top. Clicking on the box will drill down to the children PBIs within that feature

Image: Treemap – view at Feature level


This chart shows all the PBIs within the Feature PBI (highlighted in the breadcrumb trail at the top). Note: we do not show the children of a PBI – i.e. tasks To go back up to the parent level – click on Feature

Image: Treemap view at PBI level