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Scatter Plot

Purpose: provide teams with useful feedback on the health of the overall system and key trends. The cycle times, on the Y axis, show how long a piece of work has taken to go across the 'in progress' states. Teams can identify outliers and use these as an input into team retrospectives or other root cause analysis.

Select Data

  • Narrow the search with the various parameters indicated
  • Select the date range
  • Decide on a rolling mean or median and the interval (days)
  • Choose the 'In Progress' states

Display Options

  • Choose the Percentile lines - showing what proportion of the items have a cycle time of less than say 85%
  • Show/Hide rolling mean/median
  • Show/hide the table of parameters used to create the chart

Understanding the chart

Linear Scale

Scatter plots commonly use a linear scale on the Y Axis.


Logarithmic Scale

Alternatively, data might be easier to see using the logarithmic scale.

You can also clearly see the 85% percentile line and the rolling (15 day) median line


Details on each item

You can see the exact cycle time by hovering over the blob in the chart