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Requirements readiness

Purpose: Helps the team focus on which PBIs they need to refine for development.

This visual shows which the sizes of PBIs for the current release – and which require the team’s attention to either estimate or to break down into smaller PBIs.

Select data

Select the Collection, Project, Iteration Path and, if needed, the Area Path. If you want to save the report for later you can enter a name and save it (though probably best to do this once you have chosen the states that you want in the report) Afterwards click ‘Load’ to get the data and then hide the selection panel.

Image: Select data for Requirement Readiness


You can open the selection panel and change your criteria with the ‘Select data’ tab.

Image: Select data panel


Filter results – based on state Once you have the results you can focus on the states that matter. For backlog refinement the team is most interested in new PBIs and those that are about to be worked on, and so would probably filter out the ‘Live’ and ‘removed’ PBIs

Image: All PBIs for a release


This filters to show this chart, directing the team to the unestimated column on the left and the

Image: The PBIs that need team’s attention


You can open up the PBIs within a state by clicking on the coloured state and then on the list that appears [this will change in the next release]

Image: Drill through to PBI in TFS