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Epic Progress

Purpose: To illustrate the relative progress of Epics / Features within a release or project. Useful for stakeholders to gain an overall sense of progress, and the relative size, based on elements that they readily understand, i.e. Features map to business utility and are not too granular.

Select data

Decide on project and Iteration path, and possibly Area Path. Note that the current iteration is highlighted in the drop down list. Then load the data and hide the selection panel. You can save the report if you want to share with others or return to it.

Image: Select data for Epic Progress


The chart below illustrates the relative size and progress of each feature quite clearly.

Image: Epic Progress displayed


Clicking on a bar will show these links, enabling you to open the PBI directly in TFS

Image: Drill through from Feature/Epic Progress


Hovering over a shortened name will show the full name of the Feature/Epic

Image: Show full name of Feature/Epic with hover over