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Cumulative Flow Diagram

Purpose This chart shows the behaviour of the overall system over time. It highlights where there were queues or bottlenecks in the system and is the best place to look for evidence as to whether the team is

Interpreting the chart

  1. Use this button to show the settings that were used to create the chart. For example, this is useful if you are going to put it into a presentation.
  2. Click on 'Chart Settings' to amend the dates and sample frequency - see below
  3. This area shows how much work is in the backlog - and the rate of increase in the backlog
  4. This colour represents the work that is live. The gradient shows the rate at which work is being completed.

Reading a CFD Pawel Brodzinski's blog post is a pretty good summary of how to interpret a CFD [1]


Chart settings

  1. Choose the frequency that data is sampled from the past, e.g. every 14 days or 5 days
  2. Set the beginning and end dates of the CFD


Drill into the data

  1. Click on the bubble in the chart to see all the PBIs that are within that colour band
  2. Sort the columns by clicking on the header
  3. Use 'type-ahead' search to quickly find items in the table
  4. Or you can filter by values in the columns